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A Holistic Approach to Your Financial Health

At ATLas, we believe that building and preserving wealth is best achieved when all facets of your financial life work in tandem towards your goals.

Our Services

Whether you are just starting out or well into retirement, cash flow is the foundation of your financial plan. We design a cash flow plan, coordinated with your investment strategy, that helps you feel more confident in your financial future.

At ATLas, we do not proclaim to be fortune-tellers. That’s why we apply a systematic, disciplined, and evidence-based approach to managing your investments. We begin with a deep understanding of your goals, time-horizon, and risk tolerance, which we use to develop a portfolio that’s uniquely tailored to you.

We employ a low-cost, passive investment strategy in which we practice strategic asset location, regular rebalancing to your appropriate asset allocation, tax-loss harvesting, and more.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, we aim to help you avoid the behavioral investing mistakes that can ultimately have the most significant impact on long-term performance.

Our team believes taxes should be evaluated through every step of the financial planning process. We work with you to design short-term and long-term tax strategies to optimize your wealth on an after-tax basis. Every year, we’ll prepare a tax projection and analyze ways to help you lower your current tax bill.

Then, we’ll review your long-term financial plan and show you how we’ll work to reduce your taxes and maximize your wealth in the long run. Additionally, we work with your current team of CPAs, attorneys, and other trusted advisors to give you the strongest possible care to help you reach your goals.

While we don’t sell insurance products, our team believes insurance is a key part of a sound financial plan. As part of our ongoing  conversations, we’ll review your current home, auto, umbrella,  health, long-term care and disability policies.

Once we’ve reviewed your insurance policies, we’ll make recommendations on how to protect what matters most and, if necessary, connect you with a trusted 3rd-party agent.

It’s never too early or too late to start planning for financial independence. We can help you navigate healthcare and Medicare planning, Social Security timing, distribution strategies and more. We work together to create a retirement plan that helps you feel confident to step into that golden chapter of your life.

We help you take care of the people who matter most. Whether that’s elderly parents, siblings, children or grandchildren, we don’t just help you plan, we help them plan too.

We offer complimentary planning sessions to help your loved ones achieve their financial goals. Additionally, we help make sure your legacy is passed on in the most optimal and tax-efficient manner by helping with estate planning, business succession planning and charitable giving strategies

We help our clients answer some of life’s most important questions:

Is now the right time to retire?
Have I appropriately invested my retirement accounts or 401(k) plan and is it enough to retire on?
What is the most tax-efficient method of gifting to causes I care about? Can I save by utilizing a Donor Advised Fund or should I gift directly from my IRA?
Is my family prepared if something happens to me?
I want to help my children by paying for all or a portion of their higher education, but what if they end up not needing the funds I’ve set aside?
Does long-term care insurance make sense for me?
Am I taking too much risk or not enough risk given my risk tolerance and proximity to my goals?
I own a small business, which entity structure gives me the most protection while minimizing tax exposure?

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